Saturday, May 19, 2007

A Walk in the Park

It's interesting to observe daily life while on a daily walk. Although our nearby park is usually quiet and sparsely populated during the week, it is alive with people and activity during the week-ends. Today was no exception. A dozen young marmots scrambled to a rocky bank from the grassy field they were romping in as we neared their territory. Boy Scouts were receiving awards in the amphitheater while family and friends looked on. A boat from 100 miles down the river was filled with grandparents, parents, kids, and dogs. They were packed up like they expected to go farther upriver before they headed home. Motor homes, campers, cozy fires, and children at play filled the campground. And of course the wildflowers along the shore were of interest and delight to me. The park activity was interesting and fun to observe today, but I look forward to the quietness of the week-days best. On those days you can hear the birds sing, watch the squirrels at play, and maybe, just maybe, the little marmots won't run away to hide!

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