Saturday, July 06, 2013

A Quiet Retreat

There are two ways to study butterflies: chase them with nets then inspect their dead bodies, or sit quietly in the garden and watch them dance among the flowers.
Nongnuch Bassham

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Tea & a Lavender Farm

Not far from the home is a pretty little lavender farm that's nestled in rolling hills next to a large wheat field. The lavender farmers are a husband and wife team. Formerly from France, they moved to America sixteen years ago and bought ten acres where they could cultivate a dream of rural living. During the school year he is a university French professor. But during the summertime, they farm their land together, growing 25 varieties of lavender that they market locally and abroad.

Karen invited me into her gift shop and looked so charming modeling with my little plum teapot that was along for tea photography! Many of the items in the gift shop have been crafted and made by Karen and her mother. 

The little plum teapot was busy posing. Her plum color went so well with all the lavender decor in the gift shop!

Here the plum teapot poses with succulent gardens, stamped flatware, and a pretty table runner. I really enjoyed all the succulent gardens that Karen has made.

Lavender sachets in all shapes, styles, and colors can be found throughout the gift shop. In one area there's a large bin of lavender bud with a sign that says "feel free to touch". The fragrance is serene!

Karen sells lavender bud, lavender sugar, and a variety of mixes for recipes that she has developed using their lavender. She's even shared a special blend of her lavender tea with me. It was delicious!

And she creates beautiful lavender arrangements and wreaths! 

A variety of lavender books and cookbooks are available too.

It was a hot afternoon, so the little plum teapot started out in shade. Tables for classes in lavender weaving and wreath making are set on a shady porch. 

A lavender cutting center is set up under an awning in the lawn.

After chatting for awhile Karen offered the opportunity to go out into the fields and harvest some lavender for the teapot --- 'on the house'. What a thoughtful gesture. The lavender fields are open for those who love to wander. This gracious pair of lavender-people greet visitors. I've so enjoyed sipping tea in this pretty lavender garden. A gazebo is set out in the field among the lavender, and the seats are a perfect place to take tea.

The Blue Mountains and rolling fields of alfalfa and other crops can be seen in the distance.

The Blue Mountain Lavender Farm grows complementary flowers that are interspersed with rows of many varieties of lavender. 

Row upon row of beautiful blooming flowers are a feast to all one's senses.

The little plum teapot felt right at home in such a pretty place. My friend Karleen and a very good sport, agreed to hold the teapot for another picture.

Lavender was cut and placed in the teapot for a few more photos. We loved the sign! Unattended children will be given an espresso and a free kitten! Love!

Before we left, the teapot just had to pose with these teacups filled with succulents. Then, it was carefully tucked into the trunk of the car, lavender and all, to journey home where the lavender is drying in the teapot. It was a pleasant adventure to the Blue Mountain Lavender Farm.