Saturday, November 16, 2013

Autumn Mountain

Autumn. It speaks of color, light, and shadow. It is vibrant and crisp; and makes me think of cozy nesting and cups of hot tea. A walk down Cabin Woods Lane can be casual and slow. Footprints, feathers, and arrowheads can be found in the tire ruts. The tamarack trees are a special feast to the eye as they dot the forest with bold, yellow color! Seeds and burrs catch on socks and pant legs when on woodland walks. The dying, drying foliage opens up the meadow and forest carpet so that tiny details can be observed: mushrooms, pebbles, twigs, fallen berries, and prints in the dirt. Each season creates interesting things to observe. Whereas spring speaks of anticipation and hope, autumn is a time for closing down, saying good-bye, and enjoying each moment because you know that soon winter will arrive and the colors will be traded for brown and white. Seasons. Time. And beauty.