Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Inside the cover of the book, stuck between recipe pages, was an old ditto hand-out. Stained with oil spots and some handwritten notes on the side was a recipe for communion bread. Imagine my surprise and delight when I saw the name of my high school home economics teacher on the page. I suspect she was demonstrating how to make unleavened bread to a community group and one of the attendees wrote her name on the page. But, maybe it was hers? It doesn't matter to me, either way, this is a treasure. After all, it's been nearly thirty years!


  1. That cookbook looks so familar, I think I had one like it many years ago!

    How special that it could have been your teacher's!


  2. Amazing! How delightful for you to find your teacher's name in this adorable cookbook. Here is a dressing you might like. We use it on everything from salad to cooked veggies:

    Asian Dressing

    4 T sesame seeds
    4 t grated ginger
    6 T olive oil
    2 t nama shoyu ( I use Bragg’s.)
    2 T rice vinegar (Balsamic)
    1 t honey (maple or agave syrup)

    I simply mix it all together in my blender. We add a bit more agave syrup to ours as we like it a little sweeter.

    BTW, where are you located? Are you in the US? I so love meeting new bloggers with similar interests. xoxo


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