Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I was surprised to find my exact tablecloth (although in different colors) listed at an online source. My online search helped me discover that my 'new' tablecloth was made in the 1930's and is part of Broderie's "Gardening" series. It said that these charming designs are highly sought after by collectors and a table cloth such as the one I purchased is valued at $175.00 - $250.00. I was stunned! Believe me, I paid MUCH less than that price! As soon as I discovered the value I removed the tablecloth from my kitchen table and put it away. I know, I need to 'use my linens' and I promise, I will. But, until this all sinks in, it's in a safe place. I guess it's not a good choice for a daily use tablecloth.
Here are online sources that tell more about vintage table clothes:


  1. I have a couple of cloths like that, one amish one, one that was my grandmothers picnic cloth and one that is large and has pink and blue roses on it. Love them all. So bright and cheery.
    Love the design on yours. So cute.

  2. I love the colors in the tablecloth. It's so cute. I have several of the Wilendur tablecloths. They were my Grandma's and I love to use them on my porch for afternoon tea or a nice brunch. They just add something special!

  3. Love the tablecloth and it's wonderful it has turned out a great buy.


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