Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Wildflower Embroidery

Wildflowers can be so inspiring!

Through blogging I reconnected with a former college classmate (isn't it interesting how blogging connects the world?). Fay was interested in the embroidered tea towels that my tea towel swap group and I exchange. We've been chatting and she shared about a project she is working on. She is creating a series of wildflower designs for embroidery along with a coordinating watercolor painting that is suitable for framing. The first two are completed and she's ready to market them. The first is a yellow bell design, the second is a blue bell. Fay has two options for each design. One is for a tea towel and the other is for a small wall hanging, 8" x 10". Included are the font patterns for labeling and instructions for making both options.


  1. Fay is one very talented lady! The designs are just beautiful. I really like the detail of each of the flowers. I wish her the best in marketing her art.

  2. Yes, the designs are wonderful, very well done! I like your tea towels a lot! Oh I wish I had more time for sewing but since the beginning of spring, I spend most of my spare time in the garden!

    By the way, the little blackbirds in the nest of our balcony are getting bigger from day to day! But unfortunately, there are only three ones left from 5 eggs at the very beginning. I'll try to post some photos in the near future.

    Happy stitching!


  3. Really beautiful! Did you (or she) color in the space with crayon? I love wildflowers and embroidery -- a great mix!

  4. Her designs are wonderful! She is a very talented lady. And, how nice that you could reconnect with your friend. The blogging world is such a positive place!

  5. I love tea towels.
    These are beautiful!
    For Reluctant Entertainers

  6. Those are so pretty, LaDonna! Just checking in after vacation to say hi! Your friend is very talented.

    Southern Hospitality


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