Thursday, May 10, 2007

Embroidered Flowers

A college classmate from years past is a watercolor artist and has created a series of wildflower note cards and is working with a new friend whom I've met through blogging in creating wildflower embroidery patterns. Ronnie is stitching the samples of Fay's designs. I've enjoyed visiting with Fay and Ronnie and look forward to seeing what they have created. I told Fay that I would email her a few pictures of my mom's embroidered flowers, and as I was preparing to do this, I thought maybe other blog readers would like to see them as well. Thus, I'm posting them here. These photos are not of very good quality. I took them quickly while visiting my sister recently. They were on her walls and it was getting dark, so they are somewhat shaded, but I think you can get an idea of the design.

Violets, daffodils, and sweet peas were some of mom's favorite spring flowers. They were stitched separately and then pieced together with printed cotton binding and blocks to make a simple wall hanging.

Fay is creating her designs to incorporate fabric coloring with colored pencils. Doesn't that sound beautiful? I'll be sure to let you know when she has her designs ready to market.


  1. Your mother's work is beautiful as always.

  2. Your embroidery is so pretty. What a nice job.


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