Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Today's Roses

This morning as I walked through my garden, I found myself drawn to the roses. It's such a good year for beautiful blossoms. It's been pleasantly sunny but not too hot for them. This is the first bud on my Diana, Princess of Wales rose. I think this is my favorite rose; I know it is my most treasured. This rose bush is planted by the steps leading away from the back porch so I can enjoy it daily. It was a birthday gift to me from my friend, Nancy, in Orlando. She bought one for each of us so we could enjoy our twin roses from long distance. Isn't it beautiful?


  1. Your roses are amazing!!!
    I'm still patiently waiting for my New Dawn to start blooming.
    I see tons of buds, so it shouldn't be long. :)

    Thanks for sharing your beauties.

  2. I am in love with your roses! Ours are just buds due to our cool wet spring, but by mid June they should be bursting forth! Thanks for sharing such glorious colours!

  3. |You made such a beautiful pictures fropm your beautiful roses .. I use them often for my wallpaper on my computer


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