Thursday, May 31, 2007

Little Scented Library Book

Another fun lavender book is one I found at a yard sale. This one is called Lavender and is authored by Joanna Sheen. It appears to be part of a series of books called The Little Scented Library and is published by Simon and Schuster. Enclosed between two covers are pictures, ideas, and recipes for posies & nosegays, lavender bundles, potpourri, sachets and pillows, soaps, and food recipes.
According to this book, lavender lends a delicious and elusive flavor to food, both sweet and savory. It suggests adding flowers to ice creams, sorbets, and even fresh fruit salads. Recipes are included for lavender honey, lavender mustard, lavender oil, lavender vinegars, lavender tea, and lavender biscuits. This is a great little book!

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  1. Anonymous5:27 PM

    Do you happen to know how to prepare lavender deodorant


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