Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The LaGwen Rose

Several years ago my friend, Gwen, and I planted this beautiful Jackson and Perkin's rose in our gardens. It has an official name, but I do not recall it. As far as I am concerned, this is the "LaGwen" rose and was named after the two of us. It's our friendship rose! Mine is planted right outside my kitchen window, and when I see it first bloom in May, I think of her.

Today is a 'memory day' for Gwen, and as such, I would like to post pictures of 'our rose' with thoughts of a little one that she lost years before. It was on a May 16 that Gwen miscarried and lost a child. Sorrow for a long while, but now hope as years have eased the pain of loss and Gwen and her husband look forward to meeting their infant in heaven some day. Gwen says that she actually feels joy as she remembers that she will get to start from scratch in a perfect world someday and raise that little one so dear.

Gwen's tradition is to take a trip to a plant nursery on this day each year and select just the right plant or tree to help her commemorate the life of the little one she never had the opportunity to know. She is doing that now and I look forward to hearing about her selection.

Hugs for you, Gwen, as you remember and celebrate hope. And Gwen, I will remember to pray for you as you send your son off to college and celebrate in the marriage of your daughter as well. Although the nest may soon seem empty, I know that many wonderful family times await! I hear there is joy in change as well (although I am still in the discovery mode in that regard). God bless you!


  1. How kind of you to remember your friend's "memory day". Those days can be quite emotional, and often lonely, as others are afraid to mention our sweet babies. Bless you for being such a thoughtful friend, and my thoughts are with Gwen too.


  2. I love this rose. It is such a mix of beautiful colors. Lovely thoughts too.

  3. Hugs to Gwen for sure! So sorry for her loss.
    Jackson & Perkins is in our home town! And our yard is full of their flowers because the owner before us was the granddaughter of David (from Harry & Davids, who owns J&P). Small world, uh?
    Beautiful photography!!!
    For Reluctant Entertainers

  4. Such a beautiful rose for such a dear little one.
    How sweet of you to rename it.

  5. What a delightful rose to remember a lost child by. Gwen is planting memories along with the beauty of the plants she chooses.
    How kind of you to share with her in this.

    Thanks for posting about Mei-Ling, we are having so much fun with her. I will miss her when they go home next week. I am certainly glad they chose a house 7 doors down from us : )

  6. Faith in God and a faithful friend. Roses despite the thorns.
    God bless you too

  7. What a beautiful rose for a beautiful friendship !!

  8. Aw, what a sweet story of your friend, Gwen. And so nice that you both share in the love of that rose...girlfriends are just the best!

    Southern Hospitality

  9. What a beautiful memorial with the roses. And I must remember Gwen's way of remembering to pass on to my friends when they mourn. You're a good friend.


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