Sunday, May 27, 2007

Memorial Day

The observance of Memorial Day as a U.S. holiday began in the 1860's as a remembrance to those who gave their lives in service to our country. It is not about division and warfare, but rather reconciliation and gathering together to honor those who gave their all. Additionally, some Americans choose to honor family members who have died on this holiday as well. Cemetaries are filled with flowers, flags, and visitors during this holiday. This holiday is also a time of picnics, camping trips, and family gatherings. Many view this holiday as the official beginning of summer and the camping season. Although this holiday isn't until Wednesday, May 30, it is observed by all Americans on the first Monday after the fourth week-end in the month and actually throughout the entire week-end.

Photo: by Copyright @ Brandon


  1. Thanks for the reminder and the tidbit about the holiday. I didnt realize it was started so many years ago. Thats really neat. So glad you had a great family fun time!

  2. Your weiner roast looks so fun. It's a great way to have a family get together on a holiday weekend.

  3. Great photos. Remembering along with you.

    Blessings on your weekend.

  4. I've been in the US on Memorial Day a couple of times and always thought it was the equivalent of our UK Remembrance Day which is November 11th and Started a few years after the end of WW!. I didn't realise that Memorial Day had started so kong ago - would that be after the Civil War? My dates on US history are a bit hazy!

  5. All these pictures help create such a wonderful collage of family, friends, and companionship. What a great setting also.

  6. We had veggie dogs & veggie burgers too! It's always fun to get together with your family and do a cook-out, isn't it? I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Thanks for sharing all of them. :)


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