Sunday, May 20, 2007

A Study in Contrasts

The mountain today was a study in contrasts. Storms blow in and drift by quickly, leaving spots of sunshine or wafts of passing clouds. When we arrived at the cabin this morning it was snowing! Nothing was sticking, fortunately, but for several hours tiny snowflakes fell all around us. Cool, crisp air made a fire in the wood stove the first thing on our agenda!


  1. Ohh my snow ! ... I love the vieuw from yoru cabin! I wish I was there too:-) Maybe I was in an earlier life a mountain girl!

  2. What a perfect day to do stitching by the cozy fire. It was chilly down here, but I had no idea it was snowing up there! We were supposed to go to a swimming birthday party, but it was too cold for the water. The children still had a good time climbing trees instead.

  3. This whole series of images and words about your trip to the mountains is beautiful. This is my favorite picture. We got thunder and lightning and hail and rain tonight here!


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