Saturday, May 12, 2007

Truest Hospitality

These pictures speaks volumes to me --- I can hardly express the feelings they evoke in me. How many times have I not invited guests over because my house wasn't perfect? Too many to admit, I'm afraid. Standards of hospitality, home decor, and self all get in the way with the act of simple graciousness. Can you imagine how the lovely pastor's wife must have felt about inviting six American guests into her one-room home? Yet she served them with joy, graciousness, and friendliness. Her example speaks to my heart --- she has the essence of hospitality from the heart. And that, I believe, is the best kind!


  1. These precious people humble me. I should never complain about the condition of my house, or what I have to serve.

    Elizabeth Joy

  2. How interesting to see this, another way of life. Thank you for sharing these pictures!


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