Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Little Robins Grow

The little robins are growing by leaps and bounds! They are now about 10 days old. I think they enjoy 'peeking' at us as much as we enjoy 'peeking' at them. They are still cozy and content in their nest, but are pushing the edges and will be soon be learning to fly.

Speaking of God's creatures, early this morning we were able to observe one who likes to come out at night. For quite some time, our dog food and cat food has been disappearing faster than our pets can consume them. We've been suspecting stray cats or neighborhood dogs as the culprits! About 4:30 am, Brent heard a sound on the porch and went to see what was there. Much to his surprise (and delight) there was a large raccoon chomping away on the cat food. Because Calli has a 'self-feeding dish', there was plenty of food! For thirty minutes Brent observed (by porch light) the raccoon climb here and there on the porch furniture with ease as it explored for tidbits of this and that. He ate out of Calli's dish for a very long time. Finally satisfied, he decided it was time to cross the lawn and breach the fence to his home in the wildlife refuge. Although crayfish and other raccoon goodies are abundant there, it seems he enjoys the ease of commercial pet food! It's time to start feeding our pets inside for awhile! It seems the Mr. Raccoon is a big eater!


  1. Oh, the baby birds are growing up! They grow so fast, and are so sweet.

    I had to laugh about the raccoon...it reminded me of one we had here a few years ago. My neighbors enjoyed feeding them (!!), and one decided to check out our garbage cans, too. We had Taco Bell carry out earlier in the evening, and had thrown away the leftovers. We heard a lot of noise before bedtime, and went out to see what was out there. There sat Mr Raccoon, on his hind legs, eating a leftover burrito with his little hands.

    Enjoy your birdies!


  2. When our food starting disappearing it was a skunk. Needless to say, the food dishes came inside!! I can't believe you have roses... oh yes, I now remember life in the Tri-Cities and that early summer weather. Enjoy!

  3. What beautiful flowers you have around your house! I enjoyed them.

  4. Such sweet baby birds! They sure do grow up fast! The two Mourning Dove babies on our front porch have flown away and the mother is already sitting on the nest for her next batch. :0)

  5. I just discovered our robin's eggs yesterday, so it will be awhile yet before they are the size of yours. It will be fun to watch!
    Oh, we have a raccoon visitor too. He comes 'round every evening around 5 or 6, to eat beneath the birdfeeders!

  6. Did all four birds survive? The earlier picture shows, I believe to be four beaks, but I only see three in this one.

    So tell me about Elizabeth Joy's (AKA Morning Song) tale of my part in her and her husband getting together. That was a surprising bit of news to me.

  7. Oh, I am so happy to find another picture of the little birds on your blog! You did not at all disappoint me! Thank you so much for sharing this shot!

    I can't wait to find five little birds on the nest of our balcony (I told you about it, hope you remember). There are still 5 green little eggs with black spots laying in the nest.

    Keep us posted!

  8. Oh, I love those robin babies! Cute pic..hope you get to see them learn to fly.

    And how funny about the raccoon! They are brave things, aren't they & I guess they would rather cut corners & eat that good food rather than hunt their own, LOL.

    Southern Hospitality


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