Friday, March 23, 2007

Wild Flowers & Old Books

With Brandon and Rylan on spring break this week, we've had some time for relaxation and exploration. Several days ago we enjoyed a trip to a 'rare and used' bookstore in a nearby town. Each of us found a treasure or two, and I thought I'd share pictures of mine with you.

You've probably discovered by now that I love flowers! And, although you may not know it, I also love books. What could be better than an old book about flowers?


  1. How wonderful to find such an old book in such great condition and with those beautifull illustration in it too. What a lovely find.

  2. What a find. My mom has some old music books that look like they had the same illustrator. I also love the fact that you found a dried flower.

  3. Ohh this is a huge weakness of mine. I love these old children’s nature book. I have a lot but not this one. I will have to go check it out. Thank you Clarice


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