Sunday, March 25, 2007

Truck Character

Yesterday's travels took us on back roads and through unincorporated communities where much of interest could be observed by the eyes of those interested in looking beyond the sometimes rickety and discarded. When we drove past this old truck, I simply had to stop to take a picture. An old gentleman, watering plants at a nearby trailer, kept a keen eye on me as I snapped away. Who would want a picture of an old truck? I would! If you have been following the 'links' in My Favorites, you know that Lovella has been writing about her husband's new love affair with a 1950's Mercury pick-up truck. Recently Lovella had a truck naming contest and today revealed that the truck's new name is Miss Ella Esmeralda. When I saw this old truck, I knew that Lovella needed a picture of "a friend" for her husband's truck --- a Mr Ed truck to keep Miss Ella company. I'm sorry it's not in better condition, Lovella. Miss Ella is beautiful and shiny and well-kept. Mr. Ed is very rough around the edges and could use lots of spiffing up, but I don't think Miss Ella would mind a rugged friend, do you?

Happy pick-up truck restoration! It will be fun for us, your readers, to follow your journey! I'm glad you found some easy chairs for the shop so you can observe the progress in comfort.


  1. How unbelievably sweet of you to post about Miss Ella Esmeralda. When I clicked on your door for a visit the picture took a few seconds to download and I sat a little straighter with the anticipation. Since my dear man has hunted for a truck for so long, I have also become a watcher looking in fields as we drive along, and often I'll point some truck out and I'll be given the year and the model.
    I'm not 100% sure but I think that may be a 52 - 54 chevy. That is one of my favorites.
    I'm just pleased as punch that you would share in our excitement. Thank you La Tea Dah.

  2. Anonymous5:15 AM

    This is an EXCELLENT picture. I have enjoyed being with you last Saturday via your blog. Warmly, Susan

  3. I love the color in this old truck. It has watercolor qualities. In fact, when I first looked at it, I wondered if it was a well done watercolor. Oh, if I had the skill to do it up for you. It is a fantastic photo!

    Elizabeth Joy


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