Friday, March 16, 2007

Fragrant Lavender

Those who know me well know that I have a love affair with lavender! The blossom, the color, the fragrance --- each fills me with delight! I also try to be frugal, so purchasing the special 'lavender fragrance' laundry detergents happen only as a real treat. Last week I was so excited to find the Vanilla Lavender scented laundry detergent on sale --- and I gleefully placed it in my shopping cart! Once home, I continued washing bedding and drying it on the clothesline. What fragrance! Walking to the back door is lavender heaven! And sleeping under those fragrant quilts is soothing and calming. Simple pleasures --- enjoying the simple things of life.


  1. oh I quite agree with you, I use lavender water to put into my iron so that when I iron clothes etc it leaves a lovely fragrance

  2. I have bought that on sale, too. WONDERFUL fragrance! I need to start watching for coupons, they have them in our Sunday paper once in awhile, too.

    I haven't tried the Mrs. Meyers lavender cleaning products but I saw on Mrs. Wilt's Sparrow's Nest that she uses it and loves it (I've just tried their Spring Honeysuckle special fragrance.) Their products are amazing.

  3. I have a "love affair" with lavender, too! I have Mrs. Meyer's lavender cleaning products and they are a joy to use! I especially love using the ironing spray on my linens.

  4. Do you grow your own Lavendar? The lady to the big house wants me to grow some Lavendar this year.


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