Friday, March 30, 2007

Spring in the Lavender Bed

After a cold and snowy winter, the lavender is starting to perk up and some new growth can be seen. But, due to some freeze damage during the winter months, it's time to give the lavender plants a haircut. This is not something that I look forward to, as it seems very wrong to cut off new growth! But, as you can see from the dark tips in this picture, it must be done. My lavender is trimmed each autumn and sometimes (if I can bear doing it) again in the spring. They should be cut back at least once a year. Keeping lavender plants pruned is one of the best ways of maintaining a young, healthy, and vigorous bush. Pruning should start with a very young plant, when still in the pot, and continue at least once a year for the life of the lavender bush. The autumn pruning should take place after the flowers have bloomed in the late summer. [Most lavender plants, if harvested, will bloom at least twice a year, giving you beautiful blossoms from June until September.] Prune your lavender plants back by 1/3 to 1/2, thus preventing your plants from breaking down or becoming woody. The pruning can take place back to three sets of leaves from the base of the plant (this is usually too short for my foliage-loving self!). The autumn pruning is essential, and the spring pruning nice but not as necessary. There are some folks who don't prune in the fall, preferring spring, but they run the risk of plant damage due to weather conditions.


  1. You've answered a question for me about pruning that I was going to ask you! Too late for me this year,but I will start next fall. Thanks!

  2. I've been puzzling over my lavender plants that I just planted last year -- I didn't know I was supposed to prune (novice at growing lavender). That might explain why they look rather strange..... I do hope they come back.
    Thanks for the info! :)


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