Monday, March 19, 2007

Desert Wishes

My friend, Tari, just returned from a trip to Arizona and New Mexico last week. She shared her pictures with me and I especially like this one of her dog, Scarlet. The mountains, the rock, the cactus, the tall Saguaro, and the spiny and spiky landscape are so appealing to me! This was taken at the home of Tari's aunt and uncle. Maybe that's why it brings such an emotional response from me, as their home is not far the home of our Grandmother and of our Great-Uncle's ranch. Wishing I was there, but being here instead. . .I have a touch of wanderlust! Trying to be content in all things today. . .

Photo copyrighted by Tari


  1. It is beautiful. I love that photo! :D

  2. Scarlet looks exactly like my dog Shelby. I will get another picture up on my blog soon. You will be amazed at the similarities. Scarlet looks like a great dog. Is she an Australian Cattle Dog (red heeler)?

  3. Yes, Scarlet is a red heeler --- and much loved! She goes everywhere with Tari. :) I'm eager to see a picture of Shelby on your blog soon.


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