Sunday, March 25, 2007

Marked in Stone

Saturday's afternoon drive ended up in a town I have affectionately call 'Bluebird'. Bluebird houses, an old truck, houses past their prime, wheat fields, and a pristine little church were fun to observe and enjoy. Our trip also took us to a very old cemetery on a hill. A chilly breeze made us walk through at a hurried pace. Family names on gravestones, the same as names of country roads we passed by earlier, gave us moment to connect with community. Each gravestone speaks for itself.


  1. I like to visit cemeteries and read the headstones. The epitaphs can be so interesting, and you always wish you knew the story of that life.

  2. You made a beautiful interesting trip... your pictures made me feel to see it by myself ! :-)
    Thank you for sharing !


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