Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Apron Strings of Love

Photo by: Kitchen Madonna

I have been contacted by Virginia, of the Kitchen Madonna blog, asking if I would help support National Wear an Apron Day. Here's some of what she said in her email to me. . .

An Apron Manifesto or How to Get All Tied up with Apron Strings of Love

"After your funeral, do you think your granddaughter will bury her face in your professional looking briefcase or in your treasured apron? When a woman puts on an apron, it makes no less of a statement than a fine leather briefcase. It announces she is on duty to be receptive to whatever happens in her home and everyone that encompasses. And that is a wider sphere of influence than many would allow."

"An apron is like a uniform that conveys authority and unconditional regard and motherly wisdom all at once. Who said aprons are just about cooking and cleaning? They are also about emotional availability, hospitality, and femininity. They state in clearest terms that to serve is to reign."

"There is an apron renaissance going on out there and much of it is recorded on the Internet. Women everywhere are taking pictures of their aprons and posting them on certain blogs. They are scouring the Internet looking for vintage patterns and materials. They are writing about what being a mother and a housewife means to them. These women aren’t depressed. They don’t need Valium or to secretly drink or to watch a wildly popular television show that is a diabolical inversion of their lives."

"I think a National Wear an Apron Day should be May 14th. . ."

To learn more, please visit Kitchen Madonna for details on this interesting concept.


  1. Great blog topic. I never thought about the meaning of wearing an apron but I would have to agree. I'm glad you posted this. :)

  2. I like this apron a lot. Thanks for sharing.


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