Monday, March 19, 2007

There are many techniques that can be used to 'age' your pot. Do this after your tufapot has aged for one day. A sharp tool can be used to create patterns or designs. Chicken wire can be pressed into pot to make a mesh pattern. If moss is available it can be pressed into the finish. Use your imagination to create a unique tufapot that fits your garden theme.
Molds can be found everywhere! Buckets, boxes, tins, bowls, old flower pots, clay pots, washbasins, etc. all make good molds. A large container with a smaller container inside works well. Simply place the cement mixture between the layers. If you use a mold that cannot be torn away, be sure it doesn't have a lip on it or it could be very difficult to separate the tufapot from the mold. If you use a clay or plastic pot inside your mold, don't worry about removing it. It can remain as the central planting point and the tufapot cement becomes the embellishment. Have fun!

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