Thursday, March 15, 2007

Spring Has Sprung. . .Finally!

It looks like spring has finally arrived. The daffodils started blooming cautiously on Sunday. By today they are bravely showing their happy facies and are bringing so much cheer to the garden beds.

One of my friends recently shared with me a story about the "Daffodil Principle". Maybe you'd like to read it as well. Here's what she shared:

The story of "The Daffodil Principle" originally appeared nearly ten years ago in Jaroldeen Edwards' book Celebration! It is now available for the first time as an illustrated gift book, with artwork by Anne Marie Oborn.

Every year, high in the San Bernardino mountain range of Southern California, five acres of beautiful daffodils burst into bloom. Amazingly, this special spot, known as "The Daffodil Garden," was planted by one person, Gene Bauer, one bulb at a time, beginning in 1958.

The Willow Fire of 1999 destroyed the Bauer's A-frame home, its surrounding shady trees and garden. Miraculously, the daffodil bulbs beneath the ground survived.


  1. I'm enjoying seeing everyone's daffodils as they won't grow here. The first time I remember seeing a daffodil in person was my first spring at college in North Carolina. I was enchanted with them.

  2. What a touch of spring. There really is no other season that is so much about renewal. What a pretty collage, I might make one myself.
    Thank you for the link, I'll check it out.

  3. You must be in a zone ahead of me. I see tiny buds on mine. Is there nothing nicer than daffodils to remind us of spring?

  4. I love your dafodils! Beautiful. I had my first one bloom the other day ... I also love the smell of spring. :)

  5. I posted on this yesterday, but don't see it now! I have vowed that next year I'm planting some daffodils's always so fun to see them pop up so fast & first at the beginning of spring. Your collage is beautiful!

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