Friday, March 16, 2007

Signs of Spring

When spring arrives, many hands make light work! Yesterday Brent serviced the lawn mower and Rylan put it into production: cutting lawn. While Rylan mowed, Brent trimmed edges and sidewalks. The flowers and plants are shooting up cautiously, but it won't be long until warmer weather greens the lawn and makes the flower beds and trees burst forth with bud and bloom. A merry "Black Widow" was found under a decorative garden piece --- just another reminder to always wear garden gloves when working in the yard. Signs of spring are all around!

"God is the sunshine
that warms us,
the rain that melts
the frost and waters
the young plants.
The presence of God
is a climate of strong
and bracing love,
always there."

Joan Arnold

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  1. Okay, did you have to remind me of the spiders returning? :)


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