Friday, March 16, 2007

Commonplace, Everyday

"God still draws near to us
in the ordinary,
commonplace, everyday
experiences and places. . .
He comes in surprising ways."

Henry Gariepy

The craft table and projects galore. Commonplace and ordinary, yes. But God draws near there as well, as we use the creative abilities He planted in us. Be blessed by a creative day today!


  1. Hello! I'm meeting and greeting today...come see me...I met you at Daisy Cottage and I'll save you to favorites and view your archives soon :)

  2. Dear La Tea Dah :o),
    Thank you so much for the kind message you left for me on Inga's blog...
    Sorry not to let you know that I am deleting my blog... I just suddenly stopped feeling comfortable in the blogging world, feeling also that I am spending too much time on computer and that I should put my attention more in the real life of mine rather than the virtual one... sometimes I was thinking about the strange quality of this kind of media - as if mirroring one'S life and sharing it with others - being watched and may be even setting a kind of reality show... grrrrrrrr... I did not like that idea - on the other hand there are so many aspects of blogging that I love - sharing my crafty products with others, hearing what they think about them, being inspired by other people's talents and meeting interesting people...
    well, but with three small children and so many hobbies and things to do I thought it would be wise to give up keeping my own blog and stick to following those I used to read. By the way I love your blog, the music you put and your photos...
    it is a joy to spend a moment here...
    Have a beautiful weekend...

  3. Lovely photo, lovely thought. Your blog is always so refreshing. Smiles. :D

  4. Love the picture and the sentiment behind it. So true!

  5. Beautiful pictures as usual. Such a peaceful place to visit.


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