Friday, March 23, 2007

Dried Flowers

Dried flowers were found inside the pages of this old book. I will keep them there, as they represent the history of this volume and readers before who loved this book.
More than four hundred pages make this book, yet it's divided into five simple sections.

Section I: Red Flowers
Section II: Pink Flowers; Flower Forms
Section III: Yellow and Orange Flowers; Leaf and Root Forms
Section IV: White and Greenish Flowers
Section V: Blue and Purple Flowers

Such simplicity, yet so effective.
Very different than the sophisticated
children's books written today.
Illustrations are sprinkled throughout.
Most are half-tone plates, but five treasured
pages are featured on coloured plates.



  1. The book is a treasure in itself, but to find those flowers makes it extra special!

  2. Yes, Theresa, the pressed flowers will forever have a home in my 'new'-'old' book! They do make it even more special.


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