Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Sweet and Elusive

Calli, our cat, is sweet and elusive. He lives outside except in the winter when the weather is cold. Then he quietly makes his way in the doggy door and sleeps tucked back in under a desk for the night. By morning he's usually ready to go outside again and explore. He can be found in such interesting places! Sometimes he's seen sleeping on top of the neighbor's fence post; I wonder if he went there to observe the horses? Or he can be curled up under the row of arborvitae, as comfortable as can be. Recently I've found him sleeping on the south side of the house by the daffodils. There he is, asleep on a lawn chair, soaking up the sunshine! With all the talk about dogs recently, I thought it only fair I give Calli equal time. They are good friends, you know --- Calli and the dogs. And of course Calli rules the roost! Isn't that the way it always is when cats and dogs co-habituate?


  1. Hello, What a lovely and interesting blog you write, I have so much enjoyed my visit here.

    I just love your kitty, such a gorgeous cat. Long haired cats are my very favourite and we have George, a long hair tabby. George was rescued from the wild, and is now special breed but we love him and I do flatter him that he looks like a Main Coon or even a Norwegian Forest cat, both breeds looks quite similar. Calli look so beautiful and well coloured, he must be some special breed, I wonder what?

    Your blog is full of very beautiful pictures, I have enjoyed them very much and I will be sure to visit again. Thank you. Marion

  2. LaDonna, thanks for stopping by to see me too...I'm adding you to my Faves also. I can't wait to really explore through all your posts & see what all you've done. I love what I've seen so far! That kitty-cat is so pretty...what a handsome pic of the little guy. I had a beautiful Maine Coon that I had to place elsewhere when my hubby & I got married almost 2 years ago...he was highly alergic to her & couldn't take the fur. Cats are such interesting little creatures & manage to wind their way around our hearts. Nice post!

    Please come & visit me anytime!

    Southern Hospitality

  3. What a perfect picture of your kitty. Your camera did an amazing job of capturing him without blurring.

    I wouldn't mind laying in the daffodils to soak up a little sun myself.

  4. What a beautiful cat! Great picture of him all stretched out in his jump.

  5. You certainly caught a beautiful shot. I am like you. I have focused more on the dogs. I need to do a whole post on the cats... we have six and a few of them like to sneak in the doggie door also!

  6. Anonymous7:54 AM

    We've owned dogs and cats and I'm in agreement with the following quip:

    Dogs have masters.
    Cats have staff.

    Love your kitty. :o)

  7. Love the picture of your sweet kitty!

    Your blog is always so delightful...thank you for sharing your great pictures and thoughts!

  8. You kitty looks like our Toby as I was growing up. I have a special place in my heart for Himalayan cats. They are so pretty!


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