Friday, March 31, 2006

Aunt Pansy's Tea Set

Aunt Pansy lived in a beautiful, old-fashioned house in the woods of Northern Pennsylvania. Although she had no electricity, nor running water, she created an elegant and lovely home. Beautiful pitchers and basins on tabletops in the bedrooms, antique furniture, and a cozy kitchen, melded together into a comfortable home. A meadow, a running brook, and apple trees surrounded her house. Each summer she would return to this home where she lived for more than 60 years. During the winters she would live in modern luxury at the home of her physician son at Lake Elsinore, California. Sadly, it was during one of these winter visits to California that her home was broken into and much of her antique furniture stolen. It's suspected that some antique dealers who had been canvassing the community, in search of furniture to buy, had been back to help themselves while she was away after Aunt Pansy had turned down their offer to buy her things.

The cups, saucers, and plates in this tea set are from Aunt Pansy. She gave them to her niece; my mother-in-law. She, in turn, gave them to me, piece by piece, as birthday and Christmas gifts. The mark is Royal Derby and I cherish them because they represent a portion of my husband's and children's heritage. Each piece is hand-painted, so none are identical. They are so fine, you can see the shadow of your hand behind the porcelain when held up to light. I never serve a tea party with this china set without thinking of Aunt Pansy. She passed away at 100 years old, having lived a long and productive life. I often wonder about the guests she served with this lovely set.


  1. Oh so pretty and so delicate looking, but more than that, what treasures with a family history. Thank you for sharing them with us

  2. I enjoyed hearing about Aunt Pansy, her china is so pretty. The figurine is perfect with it!


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