Sunday, March 26, 2006


Daffodils and forsythia are some of the first flowering plants that blossom in the spring in our locale. After the brown and dreary days of winter, their vibrant yellow adds so much cheer to the landscape. They are wonderful brighteners of the spirit! Both are great for cutting and using for floral arrangements in the house.

Forsythia is a member of the Oleaceae (Olive) family. There are six species of this diciduous shrub and it is common in Asia, Europe, and North America. In early spring, the flowers are produced first, being bright yellow with four petals. Later, the leaves are produced and are opposite of one another on the branch. Forsythia is a fast growing shrub, growing one to two feet per year. They make excellent, informal hedges and also make beautiful, individual specimen plants. They usually grow to between eight and ten feet tall. They are known for their ease in growing in all types of conditions.

The forsythia in this photo are at a neighbors house. They remind me that we need to plant a few in our yard. Such cheer they bring!

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  1. oh how i miss them ! We don't have them here in this part of texas. Growing up, my mom always brought some in before buds had set and forced them while snow was still on the ground. It was such a welcome sight


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