Monday, March 27, 2006

Guest Quarters

The May issue of Romantic Homes magazine has a beautiful article about making visitor's feel welcome in your home. It shares tips on making things elegant and comfortable, so that guests will have a memorable stay. Included are beautiful pictures of guest rooms and guest baths. I read the article and felt badly, as a dear friend is visiting this week. Since our home is in the midst of being remodeled, there is not comfortable guest room for my friend to stay in. But, you work with what you have. So, I spent time creating a comfortable and beautiful space in our motorhome. All lovely environments start with a sparkling clean palette. With Pinesol fresh counters, rugs washed and dried, woodwork polished, quilts and sheets freshly laundered --- everything was ready for the next stage in preparation. The finishing touches were a Mrs. Teapot, a container of Yorkshire Gold tea, a teacup and sugar cubes, bottled water, refrigerator stocked, and snack foods in the cupboards. Candles, fluffy bath towels, and a bouquet of fresh, garden daffodils added color and graciousness to the accommodations. Although it may not be worthy
of Romantic Homes, it's my desire that our guest is comfortable and enjoys her visit. What a pleasant treat it is to have dear friends 'stay awhile'. God is good!

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  1. It sounds perfect ! And you have prepared well for your guest.
    The flowers are so sunny and cheery looking.


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