Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Breakfast Tea

The painter applied a coat of beautiful 'coconut milk' colored paint to the walls in our living areas yesterday, but he's not quite done with the ceiling texturing, so the mess continues on our remodel project. It requires some innovation to be graciously hospitable under these circumstances. My friend, Bonnie, is visiting this week. At first I thought that a breakfast tea on the back porch might be a possibility, but the air is still too chilly for a comfortable tea outside. So, instead I set up a breakfast tea in the motorhome. A lace tablecloth that was clothes-pinned to the valence hid the metal blinds behind and created a lacy, romantic background for the tea table. A pastel, spring tablecloth, dried lavender bundles, and fresh daffodils added color and cheer as the table decor. In the background, soothing classical music with sounds of the ocean added provided tranquility and restfulness to the setting. Relaxation and friendship, good food, tea with sugar and soymilk. . .it was a perfect way to start the day!


  1. Everything looks wonderful ! You made it so pretty and so thoughtful for you to do for your friend. A true gift

  2. What a pretty setting your created! I'm sure your friend appreciated it very much.


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