Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A Picture of my Baby ~ Coco

With children nearly grown, a mother's heart finds other little creatures that need nurtured and cared for. Here's a picture of my 'baby' --- a miniature Schnauzer I've named Coco. Although she is nearly a year old and much bigger than this, I enjoy this baby picture of her and remember how helpless she was. Her little puppy eyes are not yet open here. Soft, silky fur and little toenails remind me of her days as a tiny puppy who fit into my palm. The white spots have disappeared as she has grown and she is now fully black with a few 'stray' white hairs here and there. She is full of personality and pep these days!


  1. What a little cutie!


  2. she is just beautiful!

  3. Thank you --- she's a sweetheart, that's for sure. Gentle mannered and devoted. I sure enjoy her!

  4. she was so tiny ! Looks like she would fit in a tea cup at that stage.


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