Thursday, March 16, 2006

A Perfect Cupan Irish Tae

The Irish are very fond of tea. A strong, robust cupan tae (otherwise known as a cup of tea) is desired by all levels of Irish society. It's the beverage of choice at break-time. Factory workers, office workers, farmers, construction workers, and housewives; all desire a perfect cupan strong tae. Their rules for making the perfect cupan tae are generally endorsed by all cultures and people, but the Irish add their own twist, preferring a very strong tea that is well mixed with at least 1/3 portion of creamy milk. The milk always goes into the cup first, then the tea. The Irish tea blend is a combination of High Grown Ceylon tea and a hearty Assam tea grown in India. Steeped for five minutes with sugar added, it is a rich flavor with malted hints and a deep color. Irish hospitality requires that someone always be the pourer for tea service, as self-serve is never endorsed. This person may be male, female, young, or old, but is always called "Mother" when serving in this role. The host or hostess, when tea is served, always will ask, "who would like to bethe mother?" or "shall I be the mother"? St. Patrick's Day is the perfect day to celebrate a cupan tae. Go pour one for yourself before you start your day! Enjoy!

This crazy photo of Irish green cup was sent to me by an online friend. I think it was one that made the rounds in Yahoo groups.

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