Saturday, March 11, 2006

Elegant Tea Tablecloths

Elegant Tea Tablecloths

Most tea parties are known for their elegance or frills. Here's an idea for creating a tea tablecloth that is a cut above the rest! You will need:

1 plain colored tablecloth that matches your decor
a variety of large, silk flowers such as roses, daisies, mums, etc.
mini magnets (available at craft stores)

Using a hot glue gun, secure a magnet on the back of each flower. It is best to apply the magnet to a petal near the center of the flower rather than on the actual center. Allow glue to harden. Drape the tablecloth over a table. On the draping portion of the tablecloth, arrange flowers randomly in an elegant manner. Use another magnet on the back side to secure in place.

This makes a beautiful backdrop for your tea table. Because so many silk flowers are used on the tablecloth, candles instead of fresh flowers may be preferred for the centerpiece.

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