Saturday, March 25, 2006

Purple blossoms in bloom on a farmer's circle-corner. Circle-corners are very common in our area and taken for granted. But when I think about the name 'circle-corner' I realize that it simply does not make sense! Circles do not have corners! Do you know what a circle-corner is? Farmers have large irrigation systems for their fields that have a central pivot in the center of a field with a large irrigation pipe on wheels that rotates slowly in a circle as it waters. It creates a huge circle that can be planted with alfalfa, corn, potatoes, or other crops. Of course the fields are not round, but square or rectangular instead. The circle-corner is the area of the field that the pivot irrigation system does not reach. There corners are used to stack alfalfa, to grow other crops in (such as fruit trees), or simply to be left as they are, as in this case. The field of purple adds a bright spot to the world today.

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