Sunday, April 02, 2006

Scotch Broom at Bandon Beach

My son took this photo and it is one of my favorites. The golden 'Scotch Broom' blooms proficiently this time of year and creates a beautiful golden glow to the sandy banks along the shore at Bandon Beach, Oregon. In the distance, the lighthouse directs ships and fishing boats to the safest course. Morning fog settles in the valleys and adds an element of tranquility to this scene.

We do not have 'Scotch Broom' growing in our locale. I was surprised to learn that it is considered an invasive weed. It's native to southern Europe and northern Africa. It was introduced to the United States as an ornamental plant and was used to stablize roadcuts and banks. It's ability to thrive and take over has given it the designation of 'weed'. It is a prodiguous seed producer and the seeds have a hard coating or shell that allows them to survive for up to 80 years. A member of the seed family, the seeds from this plant stick to the coats of animals and are easily transported from place to place. When fully grown, scotch broom can form a dense brush field that can be over six feet tall.

Although scotch broom is considered a weed, I think it is beautiful this time of year and adds cheerful color to a world that has recently passed through the dreary and gray months of winter. It seems like God created the first blossoms of spring to all be yellow so that we can have an extra dose of cheer after the winter months.

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  1. What a neat place. It looks like Ireland. The plant information is really interesting.


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