Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Japanese Bleeding Heart

Dicentra specabilis, or Japanese Bleeding Heart, is a beautiful, shade loving perennial that is native to woodlands and makes an excellent addition to any garden. It receives it's name from it's unique flowers; tiny pink hearts in a row with droplets of blood at the bottom. This plant blooms in the late spring for about four weeks and then the plant dies back until the next year. It is a shade loving plant that can grow to four feet tall. Rich, organic, moist soil will prolong the productive life of this plant each spring so it can be enjoyed by all.


  1. I need to try growing some. I used to have some in a hanging basket but never have put it in the ground.

  2. This plant is really popular in Bohemia and Moravia, my grandmother always had it in her garden, we call it little harts...


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