Thursday, April 13, 2006

A bulb is an underground storehouse with a flower hidden inside! The food in that storehouse provides energy for the plant the grows from it's depths. Generally, bulbs are happiest if they remain in the ground. The longer they are out of the ground, the faster they will deteriorate. The best time to plant bulbs is in the fall when the soil temperates reach 50 degrees or below. Well-drained and airy soil is best for bulbs. Before planting the soil should be loosened by tilling or spading to about 10 inches deep. Adding compost, coarse sand, and bulb fertilizer will assist the plants in growing proficiently. Bulbs planted in groups create a lovely presentation during the blooming season, so when planting, the more the better! There's nothing prettier than a cluster of bright tulips to cheer one's day!

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