Friday, August 04, 2006

Mary Jane

Not far from where we live is a place called Mary Jane's Farm. Mary Jane produces a magazine & website, carries a full line of wholesome food products that she sells by mail order, and operates a unique B & B where guests live in an old-fashioned tent with porch that looks over the Palouse Hills. Such serenity! Mary Jane doesn't bring her guests meals, though. Instead, she teaches them how to prepare nutritious and healthy farm foods themselves, right outside under a shady tree with campfire and rustic kitchen tools. I love this photo of her guest tent. And it just goes to show that hospitality doesn't have to be fancy to be gracious!

The photo is from her site:


  1. I have read her magazine ! How nice that she is close to you. I am sure its a fun place to visit

  2. Anonymous3:05 PM

    I love her magazine. It gives me a lot of inspiring ideas.

    I just recently saw her place on a TV show (one that is on the Rural channel on Direct TV). It looked like a fun place to visit. Great scenery, too.


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