Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Of Tea Towels and Such

Today I've been thinking of linens: tea towels, hankies, fabric napkins, aprons. Maybe it's because I've been working on the next tea towel and apron swap for the tea list exchange group. Or maybe it's because I enjoyed a fun chat on the phone last evening with my friend, Bonnie. As we talked, I could hear the hum of her sewing machine as she sewed on a quilt she was making out of vintage linens and soft creamy prints. I was regaled by stories of her cat and dog as they played with the quilt blocks while she was sewing. Whatever it is that has made me think of linens again, it's caused me to go back through some of my mother's tea towels and linens. My mother was gifted in needlework. Embroidery was only one of her many needleworking skills, but she did it well. Fast, neatly done, even stitches, all are words that describe her handiwork. As a teacher of kindergarten aged children, she would unwind at the end of a day at school by gardening, painting, or stitching. She always had a project in hand and she was not one who had a dozen projects started and none finished. There were very few projects that she did not complete before going on to her next one. My sister and I have been the fortunate recipients of all these lovely linens. Too pretty to use, but too pretty not to, they are brought out for special occasions and events, reminding us of our mother and helping us create the cozy homes that she taught us to do so well.

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  1. How nice to "see" Elizabeth and Miss Candi here. You are also on my list of "back fence blog friends" I like to visit. Although, in my home we have to spell out the name d.o.g. due to felines who get nervous when they are mentioned.

    I'm now inspired to begin embroidering tea towels and such! They are gorgeous!

    I used to do a lot of quilting but my new house is small-ish so any sewing I do is an event that takes up my dining room table (which is in view as you enter my front door). Once my son leaves home for good (and can be as late as he wants to leave, he's only sixteen now), I'm going to transfer his room into sewing/guest room with lots of space.

    I know family members who would love to get embroidered tea towels for Christmas. Where do you get your materials, is it online?


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