Tuesday, August 22, 2006


The walnuts are forming on the trees in the grove. Nutty, delicious, and filled with great nutrition --- they are one of Grandpa's specialities. He spends the early months of winter in his garage, shelling and packaging walnuts that he enjoys sharing with friends and family. Store-bought will never taste good again after eating Grandpa's home grown walnuts!


  1. We moved to the house we live in now in January. We have a huge black walnut tree out back that we plan to harvest. I hope they taste great, too.

    My husband has a Master's degree in Forestry, a speciality in black walnut. However, he works with wood in furniture and I had to look up online when to harvest walnuts. :)

    (Used to sign in as Brenda N...of the canned apple pie filling recipe.)

  2. Yum, love that canned apple pie filling!

    Grandpa's grove of walnut trees started about 10 years ago when he planted a few small trees. He now has about 20 trees and they are his special 'project'. Everyone benefits: the girls at the bank, friends at church, his family, and neighbors. Everyone loves to see him coming, especially during walnut season!


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