Friday, August 11, 2006

Beauty, Taste & Health

God's gifts to us are usually multiple in blessing. The hibiscus flower is a case in point. It provides beauty and grace, not only in garden, but as a lovely home accent when arranged in clusters in a vase or set in a pool of clear water in a cup. The same blossom, dried, becomes an rosey liquid when steeped in hot water, creating a delicious tisane. But the benefits do not stop there. The hibiscus flower extract has the potential to prevent cholesterol deposition and may therefore be useful in the prevention and even treatment of a number of cardiovascular diseases in which cholesterol plays a major role. Useful to lift our spirits with it's beauty, it provides comfort in a cup, and is beneficial for our health and well-being when extracted and used as medicine. God's multifaceted approach provides many blessings to us, His children. God is good!

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