Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Fort Vancouver Heritage Garden

Fort Vancouver was once the headquarters to the fur trade in the Pacific Northwest. Established by the British Hudson's Bay Company in 1825, the fort operated farms to supply food to it's men. Flowers, vegetables, fruits, and herbs all had their purpose and were planted on a seven-acre plot. Today, gardner's dressed in period attire tend to the garden re-created with care and authenticity. All the vegetables in this garden are hierlooms, including the soldier beans, citron, yellow pear tomatoes, and dozens more. Fortunate visitors to the fort are given free seed packets of heirloom garden plants for their own gardens at home. This herb garden is absolutely delightful and a pleasure to visit.

The garden is plotted or divided into sections. Each section contains two or three varieties of plants, carefully planned and planted groupings of like-kind. A mixture of herb, flower, fruit, or vegetable is scattered throughout the garden, creating beauty and interest. There is nothing boring about this garden! Pathways lead the visitor from plot to plot, allowing for ease in walking and viewing. It's a 'must visit' if you are ever in the area.

The Month of August
Fort Vancouver, Washington

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  1. What a lovely place. I haven't been there in years! And they didn't have an herb garden back then. I'm glad I got to take a little walk there through the photos you have shared. If only I had the time to make my garden look like that.


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