Thursday, August 24, 2006

My friend, RuthAnn, is a fabulous decorator! Still in love with the 'country look', she has incorporated beautiful pieces and collections into her home. Her latest treasure hunts have her searching for blue transferware. And a treasure hunter she is. She has mastered the rule #3 of decorating, as given by Emilie Barnes in her book, Designing Your Home on a Budget. That rule is that you should 'buy what you love, but never pay retail'. Her decorating style incorporates treasures of heritage; pieces that belonged to her grandmother, great-aunt, and mother. Accenting those selections are pieces of handiwork from RuthAnn's many craft projects and ideas. Her collections are rounded out by purchases from thrift and antique stores. And she has mastered the art of being a savy eBay shopper! She's created an environment filled with beauty; a real feast for the eye. An inspiration and a gifted homemaker, RuthAnn has found the 'essence of home' as exhibited by her gifted touch and loving care.

Emilie Barnes Rule #3 for decorating on a budget: The fact is that you don't have to spend a lot to get a rich, fabulous look. Before you pay retail for anything, try garage sales, flea markets, discount stores, sales and your grandmother's attic. Full price should be your last resort. Remember, a dollar saved is two dollars earned.

Transferware photos by RuthAnn


  1. That is so beautiful, I just love that blue transferware.

    Yes, I agree completely with Emilie. The search is part of the fun. Almost all the china, tea, etc. I own was found that way (I inherited some and paid full price for one or two special cups.)

    I have an entire set of Royal Albert that cost me just under $80.00 from Goodwill...perfect condition. That includes not only eight place settings but the sugar bowl (which alone costs around $135 online), creamer, serving bowls and serving platter.

    To think...people scoff at me for shopping Goodwill.

    I do enjoy your site. I just found out that it's best to click on the reload icon when visiting. It looked like you hadn't posted anything but when I clicked the reload icon, all kinds of pictures came up (including those dated Wednesday). I learned this from my own blog and I'm amazed how much it works with others! You'd think you wouldn't have to reload when you turn off your computer at night.

    Anyway...I digress...really enjoy your site. It's so beautiful and fun to read.

  2. Thank you for sharing a part of RuthAnn's lovely home. I fully agree with the rule "never pay retail." :)


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