Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Life is Like a Rose

Life is like a rose. . .
More exquisite and precious,
When shared with others.

Jane Oechsie Lauer

Friends are so important and special! They are what make life precious, interesting, and intriguing. It matters not if they are friends you've known for years and years, or if they are new friends met in your neighborhood or on the net, all friends help us create a social network that bonds us to others and creates good mental health.

Friends not only benefit us because they provide opportunity for sharing common interests, but they give us the reason to serve others. By giving, we therefore receive great blessing.

I am so thankful for the beautiful gift of friendship that has been given to me. My friends mean a great deal to me and are treasured, of great value and worth.

Thank you, friend, for joining in that circle of friendship. It's my joy and pleasure to share life's experiences with you!

*The beautiful photos posted today are of Gwen's computer center
in her home. She is an on-line kindred spirit who shares my
love for tea and flowers. She has blessed my life in many ways!
The letters on the side of her computer center that spell her name
are one's I sent to her for her birthday last year. It was so exciting
to see how she used them! And don't you think they fit into her
theme beautifully? From here to Ohio - waving to you, Gwen!


  1. How nice to see Gwen's beautiful office transformation! She is an inspiration for all of us!

  2. Anonymous9:06 PM

    Oh, LaDonna, how sweet of you to feature me in your beautiful blog!! I am honored!! Love, Gwen

  3. And I'm honored to have you as a friend, Gwen!!!! I totally LOVE your redecorated computer area. . .it's just too pretty not to share! Thanks for allowing me!

  4. Anonymous10:39 PM

    It looks just beautiful. What a happy place to be reading emails and *tea* posts. And I love the letters that spell out Gwen from LaDonna. What a perfect way to display them and enjoy them.


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