Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Trademark Seasonings

Paula has her house blend, and Emeril has his essence. It's a trademark of famous chefs to have their own secret seasoning. Restaurants are not the only places where trademark seasonings can be found. How about one for your home kitchen as well? My mother-by-marriage had hers --- little jars of favorite herbs blended together to be used for baked beans, special soups, or crisps and cookies. Today I decided to create my own savory herbal blend. It's name --- No Salt Herbal Blend --- is boring and I'll think of a new one soon. But for now, enjoy this recipe that I blended in my kitchen this morning. It's really quite good!


  1. Anonymous2:38 PM

    How about:

    Salt of the Earth :)

  2. I love this spice blend. I try not to use salt as well and usually buy Mrs. Dash blends but sometimes those aren't as flavorful as I would like so I end up using quite a bit of it which is a little spendy. This is a wonderful idea and the spice combinations you have here sound quite tasty. It's amazing how spices and herbs bring out the flavor in all kinds of foods. Thank you for sharing your special blend....Hey how about "special salt-free blend" or "tasty salt-less seasoning" or "salt-free seasoning...oh don't get me started on helping with names otherwise I could be commenting here all day long :)

    I also love hummus and Inever thought of spreading it on a rice cake. I am definitely trying that because I love both :) Thank you so much for the tip.

  3. How about "Who Needs Salt?" Or - "Forget the Salt" or "No Fault Blend" I'm sure you'll come up with something that you like. It sounds like a great combination though. Let us know what you decide.


  4. Anonymous8:15 PM

    What a great idea and I appreciate your sharing the recipe. And now I think about it, we probably do tend to gravitate to one particular mix on a regular basis when we cook. I'm going to try to be more mindful next time I'm cooking to see what seasonings I regularly use together.

  5. Come visit me I think your fabulous!
    I have something for you, scroll down I have been busy.

  6. Anonymous5:04 AM

    You could call it Goodness Gracious or Gracious Goodness.

  7. Hi LaTeaDah! The pix are beautiful and I can almost smell the fresh spices! Sandy

  8. These spices are so beautiful just to look at. Your house blend sounds so interesting -- like nothing I've ever tried.


  9. "Goodness Gracious Spice Blend"
    or "Hospitality House Spice Blend"
    thanks for sharing the recipe.
    have a great week!


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