Thursday, October 04, 2007

Musings on Transitions

I'm sitting at the computer this evening, scanning recipes. I'm looking for something special, as tomorrow Alma and Dad are coming for a visit. It's Alma's birthday week-end and I'm so glad they can be here for this special occasion. I'm not sure what the menu will be, but since the weather has been so cool (10 degrees below normal for this time of year), I'm looking at comfort food recipes. It's been a transition week for me. The sudden temperature change means more than just closing the windows tighter and finding a sweater. The Romikas and Berkinstocks have been replaced by shoes and socks. Brent's cleaned the woodstove and we have a blazing fire each day. Even the method of doing laundry is affected by the weather change. Whereas clothes were hung on the line to dry quickly in the warm sunshine, they are now placed on hangers and hung on hooks in the utility room or on a bar above the bathtub. The clothes dryer is put to more use with these temperatures, but that will change to some extent after I take my wooden drying rack from summer storage and put it to use in front of the woodstove again. Even things outside need to be thought about before the first frost. The lemon balm has been harvested and is set to dry for tea. The miniature roses need to be cut for drying. And the remnants of the late lavender blossoms are ready to cut to dry and tomorrow their foliage will be cut into silvery mounds for a long winter's rest. Transitions --- not always easy --- especially after the very pleasant days of summer --- but I've learned that there is more contentment to be had by embracing the seasons as they are given. And for that, I am grateful. As autumn transitions into winter, bringing shorter days, frosty nights, and a change of pace --- I will rejoice and be glad for God's gifts. May your transition be joyful as well.

Photo: Alma at Lavender Wind Farm, Whidbey Island, Washington


  1. Wow! That picture is fantastic!! Unfortunately, we are having heat waves galore in western PA. Which means the same old thing will probably happen. No autumn - straight to winter. I hate that! So I'm still in shorts and sandals. Can I come stay with you for a while??


  2. What a beautiful way with words...Seasons,,,,of our days, weeks and months and of our life...I love what you said about embracing them...truly they are God's gift to us.

  3. What a beautiful feeling I got when I read your post ~ I just wanted to come and sit by your fire! I too am gathering herbs for the winter, however it's still very warm here and not quite the same feeling. Looking forward to cooler weather.
    Thanks for sharing!

  4. I enjoyed my quick visit here, LaDonna, and I'll be back! I would love to sit and read, but it's time for school to start so I best be off.

    Thanks for your interest in Leah's Recipe Exchange. I sent you the Author's invitation email, so hopefully you can start posting some of your recipes over there! =) Welcome!

    ~ Leah

  5. Beautiful picture! We woke up to snow this morning! The kids are very excited.

    Thanks for stopping by to visit my blog.

  6. Anonymous10:36 AM

    What a lovely and thoughtful post. Transitions can be challenging but are also wonderful to experience. Since moving to Tucson I find I have real difficulty with seasonal transitions as the climate here doesn't help you. Instead it's a mental shift you must make here. So I enjoy reading the seasonal transitions others experience where they live and I celebrate each time of change in my own ways and that helps.

  7. Contentment. One of my favorite words. Beautiful picture. Lovely reflective post.

  8. I always love the pictures here.

    It is possible we will reach 90 here tomorrow. We may have hit it today (I haven't checked, yet). WAY too hot for our normal October.

    I am SO ready for cool weather.

  9. Nicely said! Here in Southern California, we are even experiencing a bit of chill this morning! I love it!

    Yesterday, I went out and hosed off the folding chairs on the patio, moved some items strategically to prepare for cooler weather, and I arranged my new potted herb clipping garden in a sunny southern location on the patio (which should do fine through our winter.) I guess I felt the "transition" more fervently yesterday– which isn't always distinctive down here.

    Your wood stove makes me want to fly up for a cup of cocoa! In fact, I'm making hot cocoa right now to compensate for the fact that I cannot sit with you beside that stove!

    Blessings to YOU,

  10. Your picture is beautiful. I do hope you have a wonderful time with your family and find those scrumptious comforting dishes.

  11. Thanks for the visit to my Creative Blogs!
    I thought I recognized that weather.......I'm also in Washington.
    Beautiful photo.

  12. The picture is very pretty. Well, when I heard those words "first frost", I was not too happy. But then I really liked your ending. :o) We do need to be thankful for all the seasons.

  13. That picture looks like it could be a dream, I can just smell it!


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