Saturday, October 13, 2007

Heritage of Trees

Trees for this park arrived in a variety of unique ways. Over winding and muddy roads of the mountains that once provided guidance for early pioneers on the Oregon trail, to trees and shrubs brought eastward from Seattle. Trees even arrived by rail car, sent from the U.S. Botanical Gardens at the nation's capital. Most of the trees in this community were planted at the turn of the century and have been protected and valued ever since. An operating street tree ordinance is enforced, but of course that doesn't apply to those trees that are on private property. But private citizens and city officials alike believe that there's no better way to honor those who came before than to protect the trees established and to plant more for those who follow.


  1. Nothing more precious than to use conservation~whether it be trees, land, water, etc. Great to hear positive things that are going on! Cindi

  2. What a gorgeous setting! It would be a fabulous place to throw down a blanket and enjoy a beautiful picnic and cut of tea.
    Have a wonderful week.

  3. Such a beautiful photo and reflection.


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