Saturday, October 13, 2007

Bandstand Amongst Sycamores

Our tour started at the bandstand in the city park. This park was once a pasture for cows and was considered wasteland because of the many springs that watered the soil. But city citizens saw this as an ideal place for establishing a park and in 1901 the city council set aside the tract for such a place. The bandstand was built in 1909 and London Planetrees (sycamores) were planted all around it. Although I should have been most impressed with the age of the still-beautiful bandstand, instead I reveled in telling Brent stories of my childhood experiences at this very park. Once, in the early 1960's, I rode in a bicycle parade with all my elementary school classmates to this bandstand. I must have been in 2nd grade at the time and it was a great adventure. I few years later, our elementary school band gave a concert from this bandstand. How important we all felt. There were other stories as well. Memories of coming here each autumn with my parents to look for acorns and chestnuts, the wedding of a high school friend, of feeding the ducks in the pond, and the last time I was here with my mother who was wheelchair bound and had to be pushed through the pathways. And the trees. . .always the trees. . .surround each individual, family, and group of friends who share moments and memories in this glorious park!


  1. I have a similar experience. When I was still a member of our town's Garden Club, we sponsored a city park. We planted around the old bandstand and other places in the park. I am proud of having been a part of that. Cindi

  2. Reminds me of my family's home town in upstate New York ! Wonderful memories those bandstands bring !

  3. The trees really make the park don't they?

    I love bandstands, this past September we visited a small town with a park and bandstand right beside the lake. Wonderful.


  4. Oh, these pictures make me nostalgic! Thanks for your comment on Tea & Cookies. I loved hearing about you sending lilacs to your friend--I am sure she must enjoy them so. This photo reminds me of events we had in this very bandstand. Thanks for bringing back memories. I really must get back to Walla Walla and see for myself how much it has changed.


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