Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I'm In the Garden

The morning was glorious in all it's autumn crispness! The bright sunshine, puffy clouds, and just a touch of coolness to the air drew me to the outdoors. At this time of year the miniature roses are nearing their end. Although there are still new buds, they don't pop out as quickly on these cooler days. I decided it was time to gather some and set them out to dry. I use the same drying methods as for the lemon balm described previously; I'm using the wood-fire method today. Extravagant in all their beauty, they draw the eye and exude cheer! Miniature roses retain much of their color when dried, appearing only a little darker than when fresh. Once dried they keep for a long time and are wonderful to tuck into a potpourri, to add to a wreath, or to embellish a bow wrapped package for a friend. Some that I picked today are in pretty full bloom. They won't dry quite as well as those in bud, but the dried petals, even if not attached, look pretty in a crystal bowl or pretty jar. Do you grow miniature roses? I love them because they bloom all season long with nary a rest. Some of mine are from Jackson and Perkins (my favorite roses source) but others are transplants from the little containers that they are bought in from the supermarket. They both grow equally well in the garden and provide much color and fragrance to life!


  1. All just beautiful! Thanks for sharing your photography with us!


  2. Anonymous6:50 AM

    Love your photos! There's only one miniature rose in my garden right now that I transplanted from my Mom's. It seems to be settling in but didn't bloom much this year. ~ Lynda ♥

  3. Anonymous8:46 AM

    What a gorgeous collage!

  4. Anonymous9:22 AM

    I have tried many a time to grow the minis in my house. Perhaps the secret is to plant them outside as soon as they come home?

  5. You are blessed to have such lovely roses! I believe I will have to plant some of those.


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